References.Here's what the experts say about cardioscan

The holistic concept developed by cardioscan has convinced fitness enthusiasts, as well as many experts and specialists working in the fields of sport, medicine and health.

Dr. Gerald Müller, Medical Practitioner, Hamburg
“For me the use of the cardioscan...

...Checkpoint marks a quantum leap in the way I provide nutritional advice to my patients.”

Alexandra und Jürgen Grünewald, Fitness & Health Center, Inmotion, Reiskirchen
“We have always focused on... supervision. But only with the cardioscan test center has it taken on a cohesive whole.”

Klaus Westhoff, Occupational Health Manager:
“In my occupational health... projects the cardioscan Checkpoint has become an important part of the content-related project management. My customers expect the formulation of targeted content from me, based on data-protected analyses, whilst avoiding the “watering can principle”. Conducting the check-ups is straightforward and fast. The results are self-explanatory, as it were, and prompt participants during the check-up to enquire about individual and targeted prevention services.”

Jan-Helge Schülert, Personal Trainer, KAIFU-Lodge, Hamburg
“cardioscan is the perfect tool...

...for providing optimum support to my clients.”

Dr. Pedro Gonzalez, Sports Performance Institute in the Robinson Club Cala Serena, Mallorca
“Our guests want to feel relaxed...

...and at ease in every respect – and get fit as quickly as possible. That’s why they love cardioscan.”

Marvin Großkrüger, Private Practice Großkrüger, Uelzen
“The Checkpoint enables us to...

 ...assess the current constitution of our patients and evaluate the success of the training or therapy program.”