cardioscan Checkpoint

With the modular check system developed by cardioscan, valid body data can be measured in just a few minutes. This way cardioscan secures competence for health.

cardioscan Testcenter
The customized solution
for your rooms

cardioscan offers its products as an all-round concept. This includes the cardioscan Test Center. This is the means by which the cardioscan Checkpoint is integrated into the process in the fitness studio or doctor’s surgery. The really special thing is: the Test Center is made to measure. In other words, it is adapted to fit the spatial requirements and options available in your studio or surgery. Health, an initial check-up and monitoring are all given a professional look this way. The advantage for you as a health servicer provider: the Test Center highlights your competence and has a promotional advertising effect. Your customers will actively enquire about the test service, forming an additional way for you to acquire and keep new customers.

cardioscan Airzone
With fresh air
to more energy

In the cardioscan Airzone, the person being tested lies in a relaxed position, and breathes in low-oxygen air at intervals. This technology, used up to now above all in high-performance sport, is known as Interval Hypoxia Training.
To begin with, an altitude tolerability test is carried out to determine how the body reacts to this stimulus.  An individual plan is then drawn up, based on these initial findings, where the user completes a “high-altitude training program”. The low-oxygen air has an effect here on the test person’s cells and leads to signs of adaptation within the body. The Airzone provides you with an innovative solution for stress management and well-being at home.

cardioscan vicoach that training
and nutrition plans work.

It creates highly individual weekly plans so that the user can achieve their desired weight by means of a closely mapped-out weight loss plan. The energy balance, or energy balance deficit, forms the basis for calculating the weight reduction. It is achieved with the help of sporting activities, “saved” food, low-calorie cardioscan vital meals and vitelements. The weekly plan makes it clear in an intuitive way how training, nutrition and vitelements can contribute to weight loss. For 100% vitality!