Vitality Check

Optimum monitoring is crucial if your fitness training is to be truly effective. That’s why there’s now the cardioscan Checkpoint, which measures all health data with many different modules – in a matter of minutes.
It gives you a full overview of your vitality, fitness and health. For a training and nutrition program that is ideally tailored to you. For effective check-ups, more motivation and measurable successes. Take a look at the Check Finder now and find out which studio, doctor or personal coach offers this service near you.

Your success
proves us right

Everyone knows: good food requires a good recipe. A skyscraper requires a solid foundation. Valid initial diagnostics are just as important for successful training as training programs tailored to the individual. cardioscan offers you both of these. We create an individual training program based on your vitality check and regular check-up measurements – in just the right intensity for your personal training goals. The right mix of customisation and standardisation forms the ideal basis for safe and effective training.


We want to help you reduce your weight in a healthy way and to then maintain your desired weight permanently. 80 to 90% of those who wish to lose weight fail to reach their goals and achieve success in the long term. Diets are tried one after the other and the yoyo effect occurs again and again. That’s why cardioscan focuses on a permanent change of dietary habits. 

vicoach – ensuring your
training and nutrition plans work

The cardioscan vicoach is an app designed to enable health coaches to create individual and highly motivational training and nutrition plans quickly and simply. The vitality parameters of the diverse cardioscan measurements and the concept of the energy balance deficit lead directly to the desired weight loss!

Negative stress can cause illness
Slowing down is the answer!

Peace and calm are soothing for your soul. Your body works better when it’s able to break down stress hormones. It finds it easier to convert and absorb nutrients, and can break down fat more effectively. Spending just two hours a week in the cardioscan Airzone gives you a healthy breather – but it also supports your body in terms of targeted regeneration and the activation of cells.

cardioscan Airzone
Workout für your cells

The targeted use of high altitude has been used up to now above all in high-performance sport. In the cardioscan Airzone you lie in a relaxed, restful position and breathe in alternating low-oxygen and ambient air through a mask. Your cells will notice it immediately.